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Prof. Dr. Stefan Korioth

Prof. Dr. Stefan Korioth gained his doctorate in law in 1990 and completed his postdoctoral qualification in public and constitutional law. From 1996 to 2000, he was Professor of Public Law, Constitutional History, and Theory of Government at Greifswald. In 2000, he accepted the Chair of Public and Ecclesiastical Law at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. His publications include Integration und Bundesstaat (1990), Der Finanzausgleich zwischen Bund und Ländern (1997), Grundzüge des Staatskirchenrechts (with B. Jean d’Heur, 2000), Das Bundesverfassungsgericht (with Klaus Schlaich, 11th edition, 2018), and Staatsrecht I – Staatsorganisationsrecht (4th edition, 2018).